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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  August 9, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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this is "piers morgan live." welcome to the viewers around the united states and around the world. breaking news on the search of james dimaggio accused of abducting hanna anderson. the amber alerts includes california, washington, oregon and nevada and police fear dimaggio may have explosives and rigged his car with bombs. joining me now is a friend of dimaggio, they knew each other for years. thank you for joining me. what is your reaction to what happened here with your long-time friend james dimaggio? >> obviously, it's been a
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tragedy from the beginning for me. you know, i heard about it while i was up in washington state, and i heard that he had actually burned in his house, that's what berry called me, my good friend and berry, jim and i have known each other for at least seven years and regularly go camping and it was just truly a shock. >> now berry, you mentioned there is in fact berry robinson, we understand, who is the season of the motown super star -- i'm getting more information -- >> that's correct. berry robinson works for me at clean treatment center. >> just to clarify, he's the son of smoky robinson who obviously is the super star singer. you, berry and james dimaggio have gone on regular camping trips together, is that correct? >> that's correct, yeah. >> you say it's a huge shock to you. describe the kind of man that he is. we only know him from the dramatic turn of events.
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what kind of man is he? >> he's nothing like characterized. it's interesting to watch what amounts in someways like a salem witch hunt on tv and the scoops are overly inflated dimestore talking head sort of responses to piggen hole him into some role as like a psychopath or pedophile. the facts i know are very different from -- through the family, talking to laura, his sister, jim's sister, and talking to the family. what i've known for the switch years that i've spent time -- when i've been spending time with jim. it's dramatically different, and i've been shocked by the way they have been presenting certain aspects of the case. i mean, obviously, it's a tragedy but for me and the family, especially for laura and berry as well as myself, we're all very concerned about jim, as well. it seems so out of car act ter that would have happened.
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when i spoke to laura, his sister last night at length two times she expressed that, you know, the only result she could see from this is jim ending upcoming home in a body bag because either one, he was going to get profiled and somebody would shoot him or something terrible has happened to him and maybe he was taken from the home. you know, going camping with jim on a regular basis, he's not a survivalist. everybody is out there talking like he's a survivalist. it's a joke. berry, myself and jim are slightly over weight and we would go out with a guide and we would go to yosemite and go to the ten lakes region camping, but, you know, four days out we were desperate for a hotel room and a shower and a bathroom, so i find i want very hard.
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the picture you see with him lying on the ground 9,000 feet of elevation he crashed out after two days of hiking so -- >> tell me, andrew, there is a suggestion and only a suggestion, there is so many unanswered questions here but suggest that he may have had some kind of unhealthy obsession with hanna, the 16-year-old girl who he knew before she was even born he knew the family. >> yeah, that's -- >> do you think there is credence to that family? >> there is always the possibility of something. i work in mental health and have for 22 years. i own treatment centers. i own a substance abuse facility throughout washington, the west coast and california here in los angeles, specifically. you know, there is always a possibility that somebody could have a break. i heard some rumors on the media he had been smoking marijuana recently and i know that's a big top pick lately on cnn and the poet see and they could have
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drug related psychosis. it would have to be an extreme event. something like that would have had to be some mind altering event that would change his charter so dramatically from the man that i know who is actually someone who cares deeply about people. he had a lot of trama in his life growing up. i know both his parents were troubled. there was a suicide involved with his mother and his father has a history. some of which is personal. and whether that cameras out over time we'll see. he was the one in the family and decided to make his life something more about falling the example and give back. and the dog was shot in the house and that's not jim. you know, jim and the cat in
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front of his house he spent the last of his paycheck taking the cat to the vet and, you know, trying to get the cat to live. so he was of caring compassion of a person. the stuff with megan, once again, you listen to the media carefully and you don't just listen to the sensational and he made this comment to megan about, you know, that she was good looking and what not. but if you listen carefully, he talks very specifically about -- and i know there were other girls in the car and he talks about not that she's just good looking but good looking for her age and other boys -- >> just to clarify, you mean hanna, not megan? >> i'm sorry, yes, i'm sorry. >> right. >> so, it was never about him. it was about he had a fatherly role with these children. you know, the father was in tennessee and he basically drove these children around and took care of them, and, you know,
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something he was very proud of. >> it does seem utterly inexplicable, out of character, anything with him, anything? >> if anything, his life, i believe was getting simpler. you know, i heard on nancy grace they were trying to vilify him by saying he's addicted to video games and put on his ex-wife who said he that he played video games. the ex-wife was reasonable about saying that, you know, they were trying to blow it out of proportion. it seems like that's what is going on. everyone is looking for a lead and takes the lead and says he plays video games, that must mean he's looking to be some sort of crazy guy. everybody plays in video games and i've been in relationship where video games -- >> in terms of laura who is married to barry robinson, barry the son of smokey robinson as i
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revealed earlier, you spoke to her several times in the recent hours. >> yes. >> how would you describe her frame of mind. this is her only brother. they are very close, i understand. what is her state of mind? >> she really believes that she's not getting a fair shake and that jim especially isn't getting a share shake that everybody is very upset and is tragic what happened. obviously, people have died. you know, all of us are concerned that jim is dead, as well. you know, we think that's probably the most likely outcome that something terrible happened here and other people might have possibly been involved. she's basically hysterical and grieving like i think any normal sibling would be. they had a troubled upbringing. they made a pact as brother and sister when young and both parents were deceased they could take care of each other no matter what and the fact none of
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us, myself nor berry or laura have heard from jim is extremely unusual. you know, berry would be someone, he's one of the nicest guys in the world as well, somebody people can easily reach out to. i'm the business of therapy and working with people. you know, i know pedophiles. i've worked with pedophiles. jim does not fit the profile at all of a pedophile. they are saying over and over again on tv. they are taking small facts, blowing them out of proportion and i think at the end of the day we'll see this is a different story. >> was he seeing anybody currently that you know of? >> not that i know of. i know that, you know, he had a girlfriend. i don't know the outcome of that. we were planning on going camping in the next four months and i was hoping to catch up with him soon. so, you know, it's sort of an annual thing we could do so.
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>> right and berry, of usually, again, smoky robinson's son, do you know if smoky is aware of this connection and what happened? >> smokey -- smokey probably onced twice at berry's wedding and probably one other time. there isn't a close relationship there. smokey wouldn't know anything about jim, have any great details, that's sort of a non-story. >> in terms of the revelation tonight he may have had explosives and may have set them in his car to explode if people find it. was he somebody that had any kind of military training or training with explosives or access to this kind of thing? >> there is a couple things that i find interesting. well, he does have a background in telecommunications and wiring and technology. i think that, you know, that's a long way from building a car bomb. so, you know, i've been with him. we've shot guns together. laura told me last night and
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this is a very odd story but that the father brent had actually called jim several days before returning and had said that he wanted jim to teach their youngest son how to shoot a gun because jim was one of the only people he trusted in terms of safety and handling a gun and his son was old enough finally to learn how to shoot a gun. so there is an odd sort of story there about how much this family and father trusted jim and now there's been such a rush to judgment that jim is the only suspect. i can understand the obvious emotional turmoil and struggle the family must be going through but, you know, i know for a fact that in the past the relationship is very close and very trusting. so -- >> and would you say from what you've just said the relationship between hanna's father and jim dimaggio as far as you're aware, very recently, was a good one? no problem there?
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>> i would say beyond that. in fact, this whole story that jim took this girl to hollywood on an inappropriate trip overnight is misrepresented. the truth of the matter is that the girl was going to see her grandparents and neither parent of the child was able to take the child to the grandparents' house so jim volunteered this is a typical 16-year-old girl fascinated with the idea of hollywood and fame and wanted to see it. never having seen it, jim agreed to stop through hollywood and show her around and they spent the evening at laura's house just east of hollywood. he was with laura, his sister, all night and they stayed upmost of the night talking and catching up. it's not like he didn't keep her in a hotel or something, and you know, just the inferences that are being implied don't fit -- >> finally, andrew, if -- >> yes. >> if he's watching the news
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coverage and watching the show now, what would you message be to your friend james dimaggio. we don't know what happened here but it looks like he cracked in someway and commented these terrible atrocities and may have this girl kidnapped. what would you say to him? >> if that were the case, i mean, i don't necessarily know if that's the case. i'm hoping that somehow, something else happened and maybe he's hostage with somebody or that there's some other explanation. like i said, the facts don't fit that. if he has somehow had some sort of mental crisis or if there was some sort of conflict with the mother and he overreacted and something, you know, just switched off in his mind or maybe he was smoking marijuana as suggested and he did have a drug induced psychosis that might have lead to the extreme behavior, if jim is listening, i'd say jim, you know who your friends are. you can reach me, he knows my number and he can call barry. there is ways for him and i to
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meet him. if he's paranoid and scared people will shoot him or that he can't come in safely and share what story is available, he should reach out to berry and myself. he has our personal cell phone numbers and i would be happy to go anywhere to reach out to him and be with him. >> it's an appalling tragedy and i'm sorry for you that your friend appears to be involved in something so heinous. thank you for joining me. >> great, thank you. joining me now is john watch -- walsh. host of america's most wanted. fascinating interview, painting a very different picture, sort of kind of persona that we seem to be dealing with with a mass killer and kidnapper. what do you make of it? >> well, he's certainly hoping it isn't his friend and we live in such a society that both you and i would say this man is accused of kidnapping this girl
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and murdering her mother and probably her brother. we should stay accused by the fbi and police say he is pedophile that kidnapped a 16-year-old girl and the main suspect in the murder e of her mother and the murder of her 8-year-old brother, although they haven't determined those are his remains yet. so it seems the law enforcement agencies and the state of california, which issued the amber alert think he's the number one suspect. let's not forget about jerry sandusky who was sodomizing an 11-year-old boy in the locker room and nobody could believe it was jerry sandusky. >> right. >> ariel castro who kept three girls in a house for ten years, his little 14-year-old daughter was gina dee jesus' best friend. nobody thought it was him.
12:16 am
the catholic church, you and i are both catholics, we love the church but the vatican said there are thousands of pedophile priests that were trusted and looked up to authority figures. i don't know why people are appalled and think their friends and whatever aren't capable of obsession of a 16-year-old daughter -- of a girl. >> i think it's more human nature than it's a good friend of yours, you don't want to face the potential reality your friend had this terrible break down. >> nobody does, piers. nobody wants to think -- it is very often and i've done hundreds of those cases of where it is somebody that's a friend of the family or close to the family or a family member. >> john walsh, always good to talk to you. thank you for joining me. >> let's hope this girl comes back alive, piers. i believe she's still alive. the public needs to find this
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guy and that girl. frank richards in the chair. a lot to say about the threat to boycott cnn over the hillary clinton project and back with rick santorum. former gop tonight and later lucky, maybe unluckiest man in the world. he survived being attacked by snakes, monkeys and a shark. will he survive being grilled by me? let's put him in the grill and find out. for the strong and the elegant. for the authentic. for at home and on the go. for pessimists and optimists. for those who love you a little and those who love you a lot. for ultimate flavor and great refreshment with or without calories. for carefree enjoyment. for those who have a lot to say and those who have nothing to add. for those who want to choose and choose. for every generation. for us. for everyone. forever. [off screen] hthere you are.
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i love it. i love it too. here's our new house... daddy! you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. if you want to actually moderate and produce a debate that chooses a nominee for president on the republican side of the isle, that it would be reasonable to have the chairman
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of the party say hang on a second. you ought not be doing future films or documentaries and mini series about what we know to be a very likely candidate that's running on a democratic side of the isle. >> that's r and c chairman telling erin burnett why cnn and nbc shouldn't run the hillary clinton project. he says it's wrong. a lot to say about and it joins me in the chair. frank, you tweeted earlier if the gop has the net savvy to use google they would cheer on the cnn hilly dock. >> it's drew. it's not my job to defend cnn on cnn but in this case. >> we'll take it. >> the guy that was hired by cnn to do the hillary clinton documentary is a guy names charles ferguson who won the oscar for a movie called inside job that is a truly demolition job on the financial establishment that led to the bubble and the crash.
12:22 am
>> right. >> many clinton administration people are implicated in that film indialectally at least and he's a tough guy and it's hard to imagine he's going to do a valentine to hillary clinton. at least know who won an oscar and look at google. it's stupid. >> is there anything wrong in networks running documentaries or drama series on big political figures of the time? >> no, they do it all the time. you know, it's just silly this nbc mini series, anyone really think that people who have an opinion about hillary clinton, whatever it is, pro or con, threatening to boycott cnn and nbc for debates, how does that hurt cnn and nbc? these are not rating -- >> [ laughter ] >> quite pleased about that. >> also the republican party presumably on fox where every --
12:23 am
all their candidates will pander with the debates and end up with ted cruise. is that what they want? >> when we look at 2016 and the battle coming up, you look at the gop and think what lessons are they learning? we'll talk to rick santorum later. do you think the party is shaking itself into position at least to a consensus going forward? because it was so many factions within it ripping apart. >> you have an establishment that was the mitt romney faction when he was running for president and everyone else, the much more right-wing base and so you see it in the ran paul, chris christie battle. you see parties very, very divided. they can't get it together, even on immigration reform which you would think would be a plus for them wooing hispanic voters --
12:24 am
>> do you think hilly will run? do you think she can win, or has her time come and gone? >> i have no idea whether she'll run or not. the signs just seem to indicate it but who knows. i think against a fractionalized and weak republican field, she can win. >> what if it was chris christie. if we slimmed down chris christi, one of the most popular governors in america, ever, someone that relates to real people, talk as straight game. >> i don't think the base of the republican party wants to nominate him. they say he's soft on guns -- >> do you think he can actually win the general reelection? >> probably not. i think while his views are sort of for the most part are in sink with a lot of the country, he's
12:25 am
a northeastern loud mouth which does not necessarily play well throughout the country, particularly among the republicans. >> taking a short break, barack obama, his appearance on leno. what he said about russia. what he said about snowden, the nsa in general and anthony weiner who just doesn't want to go away. should he? my question for you. my mantra?
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he has shown us a pattern of reck less behavior and a real inability to tell the truth and being the mayor of the city of new york, look, people deserve second chances. we've all made mistakes but this is a serious job. 8.4 people that need a mayor that's a serious, focused adult. >> last night taking a smooth few shots at anthony weiner. she thinks he's reck less. what do you make of anthony weiner? is he the most shameless politician in american history? >> that's saying something. i think he's sort of a psychopath of like having a semi mental patient on the loose. it's amusing for as long as it lasts. i think it's about to come to a close. >> the latest poll according to the new york times, 25% lead for
12:30 am
christine quinn, 16% bill thompson the second and anthony weiner struggling down at 10% and falling fast. you get the sense it's probably nearly over. >> i think it's nearly over. what is interesting for chris quinn, assuming she'll be one of the two finalist and possibly in the lead in the primary, she's going to have to as will bill thompson or deblaggio will talk about the issues. it's easy to beat up on anthony weiner. >> only a few more weeks of weiner bashing. >> and then you have to talk about rent control again. the thing that was a very bland campaign until weiner was caught with his pants down -- >> weiner, he's probably still doing it. he clearly thinks it doesn't make a difference. maybe it doesn't. >> and i don't -- you know, he's -- he is shameless. he doesn't have the self-censorship that people have in real life, let alone in
12:31 am
politics. >> no and it's unhinged like a jerry louis movie play for keeps. >> let's talk about barack obama. he appeared on jay leno. when he appears on leno he gets hammered by the more serious political press. i watched it and thought it was enlightening. he answered the same questions if he was doing cbs or nightly news. does the matter the form he chooses? >> absolutely not. that said, this has been going on a couple decades since the clinton era. >> right. >> the truth is jay leno was a lame duck was asking interesting -- >> i thought it was a good interview. >> he was asking about black water, the anti gay situation, russia during the olympics and this stuff. >> i thought jay -- i don't have to worry now because i won't
12:32 am
interview him again. >> exactly. >> so i can actually be -- i can do what i really want to do. >> two lame duck guys talking to each other and i thought it was fascinating, actually. >> in terms of what he actually said, substance, let's talk quickly about russia. you've got the olympics coming up and hardening their position on gay rights, for example. is there a -- is there an opportunity there for people to make a stand, perhaps even consider a boycott and say no, you're not going to behave in this way? >> i hope so. i mean, a lot of it will be up to gay athletes in the olympics and whether they want to boycott and whether their voice should be prime. i think everybody has to forget about russia and nbc and the corporate sponsors of the olympics. how can any be associated with a government that anti gay. >> right. >> and may punish nbc journalist for merely talking about gay issues on television. so i think it's going to boil over.
12:33 am
i think people will think it is and they are kidding themselves. >> edward snowden, what is your overview -- >> limbo. at least out of the hotel. >> it's very likely the programs have been looking into american citizen's e-mails if they are looking at somebody or e-mailing somebody abroad. the more we find out about this the more suspicious it looks. >> i agree. we need to learn more about the nsa and the surveillance is about and if some comes from leaks via snowden through "the guardian" the real news organization and that stuff that's dangerous for security, bring it on. snowden is really a footnote. whistle-blowers are self-martyring people. this isn't about him. it's about the information and we need that information. >> finally, nadal hasan trial
12:34 am
seems to me utterly ridiculous. his first line is i'm the shooter. he wants to give himself the death penalty. he's still being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars as an american serviceman. what is served here? particularly, if he's about to start grilling victims. >> sit a farce. it shows a lot of what's wrong with military justice, which is people say justice what military music is to music and i think the absurdities where he gets money, the victim's families may not get any recompense is preposterous. >> almost every aspect of this -- >> people blame the government or military, people like to blame the government and not the military. clearly, if the system has to be cleaned up by not by the end of this trial. >> not. >> good to talk to you.
12:35 am
>> good to talk to you. >> see you soon. rick santorum is back live from iowa but i'm sure it's a coincidence. no significance to the upcoming presidential election or does he? he joins me on the grill coming up. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪
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awe, in your sweater vest. look, you're more than welcome to run again but you might have to freshen up the campaign a bit. how about this type you only wear sweater sleeves. i mean, you obviously have a closet full somewhere. that is fiscally responsible. >> the daily shows john oliver taking shots there rick santorum's famous campaign sweater. he's back in the spotlight and touring iowa with a message he thinks can turn the republican party on it's head and joins me on the grill. welcome, how are you? >> i'm doing great, piers. funny joke. i'll consider that. >> well, i think you should stick to what was good last time. nearly pulled off for you the last time. you're in iowa, iowa traditionally is seen as a launch pad, catalyst for people who want to be president. are you basically signaling that you're back in the race again? >> what i'm signaling is and i
12:40 am
think it's a very important time in the country's history and as i talked about tonight within the republican party, we see debate and division there and i thought it was important to weigh in and one thing i found out, piers, when you come to iowa, people like you and others pay attention to what you say so i thought it was a great time tonight. >> i think from memory you went to 350 different parts of it, didn't you, in the last republican nominee race? >> yeah, we did i think someone calculate 381 town hall meetings and to all 99 counties, obviously most of them more than once and i'm here in the far first corner of iowa tonight in rock rapids iowa near the south dakota, minnesota borders and had a big county dinner here, about 400 people. still a lot of energy and excitement here for trying to take back the country. they aren't happy with what is going on in washington on either side of the isle and looking for someone to lead them out of the wilderness a little.
12:41 am
>> what do you detect rick santorum, the real issues with real americans care about most because unemployment is very high. the wage disparity is something you picked up on is getting bigger. the gap between the rich and poor in america. is it still the economy driving most people's concern? >> yeah, i think it is. and i talked about here tonight in a republican -- for legitimate reason celebrate the free market system in america and how cap lisp transformed the world and it has but we tend to talk to and really court job creators and -- which again, and that's a legitimate thing to do but we're not talking to job holders. we're not doing things that really connect with them, and that's one of the things i talked about here tonight. unless we begin to change our policies and rhetoric to really focus on those who are feeling the pinch, who are feeling like they are sliding back, the obama economy is not serving needs and
12:42 am
spending is not solving problems, unless we do that, we'll have problems as a party going forward. >> the rnc is threatening to boycott cnn over this hillary clinton documentary. are you as incensed as previous? >> look, i just don't think -- i agree with ryan that you have a situation where why is a news network running -- and i know other networks running a special on someone whose going to be a perspective political presidential candidate? i just think that's -- that's out of bounds and look, i mean, we already -- let's be hon northeast, piers, we already as republicans, allow the media to run over us. we have debates and i was in them. i was in 20 of them. the people who moderate those debates from the network, not a single one of them are going to vote for any of these republican candidates yet we allow you, those folks to question us. could you imagine a democratic debate where rush limbaugh and
12:43 am
glen beck were the moderators? that's what we have to put up with the networks. i think what he is expressing is a legitimate trust ration with the bias of the networks and trying to take some action. so i commend him at least in bringing the issue to light. >> presumably none of these issues bother you when you pop up on fox when you have your colleagues and ex colleagues. >> no, look, i'm not suggesting that, you know, fox isn't, you know, the reverse of what we're experiencing on all these other major net works. i get that. i think with respect to the coverage and the -- obviously this documentary it seems like you're in the promotion business or advocacy business instead of reporting the news. >> should the unthinkable happen and it actually be an impartial documentary and dare i say it, potentially negative to hillary
12:44 am
clinton and therefore good to the republican party, can we see you and him bouncing back on the airways saying it's a good idea after all? >> the whole point is what makes hillary clinton such a unique individual that she would be treated differently than any politician i can think of. i can't think of any former elected official who is a presidential candidate in the wings getting this type of attention, whether negative and positive and look it may be negative but the point is focussing that attention on her and giving her that in my mind is very suspect. >> have i told you about the cnn documentary on rick santorum? are you comfortable with that one? >> well, i don't know how comfortable i would be. i don't know anything about that but i would be curious, put it that way. >> we want to put it out there. i couldn't let you go, senator, without asking about your family and daughter in particular. how is she doing? >> well, i announced some
12:45 am
exciting news, person news that we're actually doing a small audition to our house because we have to put an elevator in and handicapped bathroom and bedroom because bella is going strong and doing great and she's getting so big that it's hard to get her up and down the stairs and to move her around as much so that's -- that's the best money i've ever spent in my life and i'm happy to fork out that money to give her the opportunity to have a little better place for her to live. >> delightful news and good to see you. i missed you. i like having you back on the trail in iowa where you're so popular. >> i don't know about that but i look forward to coming back on the show. i have other things i want to talk to you about. >> i'll look forward to it. good to talk to you again. >> all right. thanks, piers. >> rick santorum. the luckiest man in the world or unluckiest. he survived a shark attack and lightning strike and that's not it. he's been attacked by snakes and monkeys. he's a religious man. is god on his side or is he targeting him?
12:46 am
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south my next guest should play the lottery. hands down the luckiest man in the world, or is he? he survived a lightning strike, been a bit by us make and punched several times by my keys. and several days ago it by a shark. he is recovering and joins me with his wife. good to see you live. first of all, our you? >> i'm doing great. feeling a lot better than i was a few days ago. >> you are spearfishing with your wife, your daughters and your father-in-law when you felt a sharp by your lead. tell me what happened. >> just like you said i was here fishing and i felt this tremendous, powerful crunch on my calf and when i looked back,
12:51 am
i start reaping a peace away and swimming away with a piece in his mouth. >> did you think you have had it? it was going to kill you or how you feeling about that? >> to be honest with you, i believe with all my heart that god sustained me in that moment of time to give me no fear and no worry, no anxiety. i flipped up to shore and i tied a tourniquet around my knee. to stop the bleeding and started calling for help. and my daughter got on the radio for help and thank god there was a man close by they came and was able to get me to a clinic pretty quick. >> the bizarre thing about you is this is not the first brush with death they're given struck by lightning, in a storm in florida when you were ten forbidden by a rattlesnake, has been two weeks in intensive care and punched by muftis on more than 1 occasion.
12:52 am
what is it with you and monkeys? >> i don't know. maybe i monkey around too much. i don't know. they like me. >> i know you're a religious man, but do you think god is acting on your side saving you from death or is he picking you out for special attention? >> i think he's continually challenging me to trust him. which is what i believe that we all need to do through hard times, through good times, through bad times, it's important to always trust god. >> let me turn to spring, your wife. about every three minutes he's being attacked by either bolts of lightning or monkeys or sharks, snakes. there's no respite for you. >> well, it's an adventuresome marriage. a lot of those things happened when he was younger. the monkeys are since i've been around, but the shark bite was quite a scare, that's for sure. >> why do you think monkeys
12:53 am
dislike him so much? >> well, one time was kind of my fault actually. i sort of teased him into it. >> she locked me in a cage with a violent monkey and took pictures. as a matter of fact, we put the pictures on our website on my business's website so people could see them. >> let me get this straight, spring. you locked your husband in a cage with an angry monkey, and when it punched him, you then -- >> more or less. >> on a serious point, it must have been scary for you, spring, and your daughters when this shark made its attack on your husband. how are you feeling about it all? >> it's still a lot to take in. when i still really think about the actual day, it's pretty overwhelming to think about.
12:54 am
it was very scary and as the water turned to blood, it was like a discovery channel show before my eyes. almost like it's hard to believe it's reality. >> eric, what is the prognosis with you for that leg? are you going to be okay? are you going to be back to normal? >> i think so. i had a couple of skin graphs. i had one of the best doctors that worked on it. i think i'm going to be -- there's a verse that says i will walk and not grow weary and run and not grow faint. i will mount up with wings like eagles and i think that's just what i will do. >> you do missionary work in australia. if the good lord is watching you tonight, and i'm sure he is, would you like him to lay off you a bit? >> absolutely not. i want to do what he wants me to
12:55 am
do. we're doing some work in the dominican republic. we're doing some work with the dream center, trying to put together a drug rehabilitation center. we have a lot of friends around the world in new guinea that are doing great things. my buddy, thomas dickerson that was with calling all the nations who sang that cool song on youtube. just trying to do what we can. >> and playing the lottery? >> nope, i don't play the lottery. i don't play the lottery. dishonest gain is an abomination to the lord. >> there's a few abominations the lord is sending your way, but i admire your faith. thank you very much for joining me. >> okay. thank you. >> i'll talk to you again the next time a monkey beats you up. >> all right, wonderful. >> thanks for joining me. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow night, our special report, "gone to pot, america's marijuana obsession."


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